Sunday, June 27, 2010

How do you keep updated on men's rights?


How do you keep updated on men's rights issues?

Personally, I receive a daily e-mail from the Men's Rights Feed subscription I set up, which gives me a good overview of what's new in the realm of men's rights.  It includes such feeds as The Spearhead, The False Rape Society, Men's Activism News, Porky's Place, The AntiFeminist, Glenn Sacks, and Pelle Billing.  These resources are consistently updated and never fail to produce quality commentary and news updates.

This feed cannot, of course, include every quality men's rights resource out there - but it's sufficient to get my blood pumping when I read about the travesties inflicted on men and how we may fight them.

I suggest you subscribe to the feed too: 
Subscribe to Men's Rights

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