Friday, July 9, 2010

Library Not For Boys

From Reddit/MensRights:

I don't get to the library very often, but today during lunch I stopped by and found myself struck by something. Inside the entrance there were a number of bulletin board advertising various events... Girls Summer Reading Club, Self-defense for Girls. Girls Rock Camp (learn Rock and Roll), Girls this and Girls that. But no clubs or events specifically for Boys.

There were some non-gender activites, like Learn to Use the Libary Computer System, and on the front of each brochure was the smiling face of a girl. I stopped to look through all the posters, pictures, sign-up sheets for clubs and events, awards and artwork on display in the foyer and not one featured a boy.

Scattered around the library there were life-size cuttouts of famous women: actresses, scientists, businesswomen, each with a story of her life, maybe about 20 figures in total. Many were in front of the Girls Summer Reading Section. I asked a librarian where the Boys Summer Reading Section was located. There is none.

In the Childrens section on the tops of the stacks were displayed books of interest. When you read the titles, they all seemed uniformly feminine. Nothing about soldiers, ancient Greece, cowboys, cars, coal mines.

On the walls in the main room they displayed posters made by children on various subjects, the Reading is Fun type of thing, I did see a few boys names, but mostly girls.

Throughout the whole library I saw many dozens of pictures of girls and women, but did not see one picture of a boy. I saw no display that would appeal to a boy and no activity or event that seemed to welcome boys or anything at all that seemed to speak to boys' interests.

I fear the same is happening in elementary schools and that by the time boys get to high school and college they are made to feel not just uninvited, but distinctly unwelcome.

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  1. I read a post from a father that brought his son to the library and they had a poster up with a gang of male youths looking menacing (leather gloves, bandanas etc.) The words underneath said:

    "Teach him young and teach him good - hitting a woman is never acceptable"

    After a discussion with his son the father brought his young boy home in tears (who couldn't understand why he'd been singled out like this as it had never occurred to him to hit anyone, especially not a woman/girl).

    I was brought up in the 80's and was always taught from a very young age there is something morally reprehensible about hitting a woman (as compared to hitting another human being). The hypocrisy of feminism stinks - particularly in this example as males are by far the greatest victims of violence - feminists ignore this fact and change the discussion to one about 'domestic violence' where it *can be argued* that females experience higher rates of victimisation.