Saturday, August 14, 2010

What laws legislatively favor women over men?

From a Reddit post:

menareangrynow 3 points 14 hours ago[-]
"What laws legislatively favor women over men?"

1)The Selective Act, which forces men to register for the draft, or they will be fined and imprisoned.

2)The Violence Against Women Act, which only protects women from domestic violence and leaves men with no where to turn if they are stuck in an abusive relationship.

3)The Federal Prohibition Against Female Genital Mutilation Act, which only protects women from circumcision, and leaves baby boys vulnerable to being flayed alive.
And hell, let's also throw in some from the Executive branch. Why let Congress have all the fun?

4)Executive Order 11126, which established a committee and council on the status of women. Please note that no corresponding committee or council on the status of men exists.

5)Executive Order 13506, which established a White House Council on Women and Girls. Please note that no corresponding White House Council on Men and Boys exists.

6)The Executive branch has a Office on Women's Health, under the US Department of Health and Human Services. Please note that no corresponding Office on Men's Health exists.
And hell, let's throw in some from the State Legislatures. Why let the Federal Government have all the fun?

7)The various Rape Shield Acts, which only protect the identities of female rape victims.

8)The Various Primary Aggressor Statutes, which force police to always arrest males in domestic disputes, even if they were the victims of domestic violence.

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  1. Hi Jay, I'm not particularly an 'MRA' as they are usually described but ended up here by following links from reddit and the wikipedia edit wars about the 'Mens Rights' page. I agree with you that the page has been vandalised by ideologues with an axe to grind that pretend that inheritance laws in India or property rights in Celtic Ireland (or whatever it was) have anything to do with the rights of men in today's society.

    I admire your tenacity, but the people editing that page are obviously stuck in a paradigm that cannot see anything outwith the concept of 'patriarchy' and it being the root of all evil in the world. As well as all the laws you mentioned I bet you won't find many feminist sources that try and deal with gross gender imbalances such as suicide rates, workplace injuries and deaths, homelessness, alcoholism and how these relate to being 'privileged'. The best answer they will come up with is 'it's all due to patriarchal attitudes'. This is a catch all term that feminists use to disregard any statistics that don't show women as being victims.

    Anyway best of luck mate, I have neither the time nor the inclination to defend the Wikipedia article on Mens Rights but appreciate your efforts! Toby.